Utility Vessel

The 30m Utility Vessel is a multi-mission workhorse with a modern aluminium, wave-piercing twin hull design. Its capabilities include: Cargo and crew transfer, security of offshore assets, oil and gas support and wind farm support duties. The vessel can berth a large crew and can provide seating to many passengers in air-conditioned spaces. The internal arrangement can be customised.

Optional features include a deck crane, accommodation container, firefighting monitor, wheelhouse ballistic protection, and 5m daughter craft, which further extend the vessel’s mission capabilities.

30M WORK BOAT enquiry

  • Particulars
    Hull / Superstructure Aluminium
    Wheelhouse Aluminium
    Length (LOA) 30.3 m
    Length (Waterline) 25.0
    Beam (BOA) 8.5 m
    Draft 1.35 m
    Displacement (Max) 130 T
    Classification BV I  Hull • MACH R2 SDS
    Notation Lightship / Crew Boat Sea Area 2
  • Performance
    Max Speed 28 knots
    Operating Speed 24 knots
    Range 1350 nm @ 24 knots
  • Propulsion
    Engines 2 x CAT C32 ACERT C-Rating (1081 kW)
    Propellers 2 x Fixed Pitch Propellers
  • Capacities
    Fuel 30 000 L
    Fresh Water 4 000 L with Watermaker
    Cargo Deck Load 10 T, 2 T/m², Deck area 53m²
    Compliment 8 Crew, 14 Special Personnel
  • Electrical
    Power Supply 400 VAC, 230 VAC, 24 VDC
    Genset 2 x CAT C4.4 64 kVA
    Air Conditioning Ducted chilled water system
  • Navigation & Communication
    2 x X-Band Radar Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System
    2 x GPS Fleet Broadband
    1 x Satellite Compass NAVTEX receiver
    2 x VHF Radio INMARSAT mini-C GMDSS SSA
    1 x HF/MF Transceiver Depth Sounder
  • Optional Extras
    External Fire Fighting FiFi (600 m3/h)
    Ballistic Protection Wheelhouse NIJ Level III
    Deck Crane Hydraulic 3 tons @ 4,4m
    Daughter Craft 5m RIB with 50 Hp Outboard
    * Specifications subject to change