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Services and Support are integral to ensure the longevity of any fleet. We at Nautic Africa are client-focused and pride ourselves in providing our clients with an effective and efficient services-and-support programme.



We offer rapid and cost-effective refit-and-repair solutions for your vessels, swiftly responding to any and all urgent on-site repairs and routine repair requirements.
Refitting services include integrating vessel enhancements to overcome obsolescence and incorporating new technologies that improve your vessel’s lifespan. Our dedicated team provides rapid response to minimize vessel down-time.



We provide custom vessel-maintenance solutions across commercial and security markets. Nautic offers tailored maintenance solutions to ensure that client needs are cost-effectively addressed in every unique circumstance. We maximize the operational capacity of high-performance craft by offering ‘Through-Life Support’, Integrated Logistics Support, Technical Management and System Specific Maintenance.



Solutions for all vessel equipment needs. We utilise strong relationships with a reliable supplier network to provide a solution for all vessel equipment needs, ensuring your vessel retains its original integrity and quality of build.



We provide integrated, turn-key vessel management and crewing solutions. Services include crew management and consulting, dry-docking services, new-build supervision, corrective and preventative services in order to offer long-term operations.



Nautic Africa provides a variety of specialised maritime courses. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Nautic Africa is able to provide training to support both the oil and gas industry and military and commercial fleets.
In the current maritime environment, and with the ratifying of various maritime conventions and regulations, training is essential to ensure that the industry has personnel that is suitably and adequately trained to meet all the safety and regulatory requirements.

We offer training and facilitation in diving, crane operations, skipper training, welding, vessel handling, vessel familiarisation, remote-operated vehicles, safety procedures and on-board maintenance, certified STCW courses.



Nautic Africa offers the service of leasing vessels to our clients. With a wide network and up-to-date database, we are able to source vessels to meet the client’s requirements and mission-specific objectives. Leasing aids our clients in generating revenue and securing long-term contracts. Nautic Africa offers the service of sourcing, preparing and delivering the requested vessel to our clients, fully operational and ready for service.

Presently, Nautic Africa leases vessels in Africa in support of the oil and gas industry. Leasing programmes will ensure full vessel management and technical support to our clients. Professionally trained officers, crews and superintendents are at the client's service to ensure maximum productivity and success during their contract.


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