Building ships
for the future

Shipbuilding has come a long way since the wooden vessels of the early 1800s. Today our seafaring creations are considerably more advanced and durable, utilising superior building methodologies.


Nautic firmly rests at the vanguard of modern shipbuilding.

Nautic firmly rests at the vanguard of modern shipbuilding. Through many years of combined experience, we have developed the technology and garnered the knowledge to build world-class vessels specifically tailored to meet our clients’ requirements. One such specialisation is Aluminium shipbuilding.

The Nautic build methodology ensures fast and efficient structural assembly, accurate hull shapes and ultimate quality.

The Nautic team follows a set of inhouse shipyard and project management standards, developed over years of experience in collaboration with industry experts and adoption of common shipbuilding practices. An ethos of total quality management runs throughout the group and maintained by the ISO-9001-2015 Quality Management audit system.

The no-compromise Quality Control and Health & Safety standards followed in the shipyard and out on the water, allows for efficient production and staff confidence in the ever-improving pursuit of excellence. This culture of perfection reflects in the quality of workmanship displayed in every product delivered to our satisfied clients, resulting in Nautic being recognised as an industry leader in aluminium hull marine craft construction.

Where applicable and on many of the delivered vessels, Class surveys are performed by members of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies), such as Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register, DNV-GL, ABS, etc.; where rules of shipbuilding are adopted by IMO (International Maritime Organisation) regulations. This Class interaction begins at conception of design phase and follows through to project completion. The vessels arrive at the owner fully Class certified, ready to work. Annual survey keeps all certification current for the vessel’s lifespan.


Continuous investment in R&D and the ability to quickly and effectively implement new technologies have been central to Nautic’s rapid and sustained growth over the years.

Although R&D is fundamental to all business units, it is managed centrally and guided by the group's Innovation team. This ensures continuity of learning and the effective distribution of information across the entire company.

While much of development takes place in-house, Nautic has also teamed up with various academic institutions and industry experts to leverage off the wealth of existing experience and expertise. This ensures that the investment in R&D is retained on rediscovering things that are already understood but is clearly focused on genuine improvement within the business.

Specific areas of R&D include:

  • Hull design improvements
  • Minimising noise and vibration in high-speed vessels
  • Design for production
  • Custom design in manufacturing
  • Minimising the risk of fatigue in aluminium structures
  • Reducing distortion in aluminium fabrication
  • Materials handling techniques
  • Information management

The highly skilled in-house design team at Nautic is able to quickly and effectively tailor existing designs to suit specific client requirements,  developing application-appropriate products.

If one of the existing designs cannot fulfil all of a client’s needs, then the team will develop a brand-new custom design that exactly matches the particular requirements or solves the specific problem in question. With this flexible approach to custom design, our experienced engineering team can create custom designs in a fast and efficient manner.

We utilise the most advanced software available on the market to develop our customised vessels, giving our customers exactly what they need in a cost-effective and perfectly fit-for-purpose package.

The various levels of custom design include:

  • Custom systems, equipment, deck layouts and interior arrangements
  • Different propulsion packages
  • Complete custom design of fit-for-purpose vessel solutions

Contact the Nautic Innovation team for a design solution that precisely and cost-effectively matches your vessel requirements.


At Nautic, a culture of innovation and continual improvement flows throughout the shipyard, evident in every aspect of the high-quality vessels that the shipyard produces.

Because shipbuilding is mostly a low-volume, high-variability manufacturing activity with high development and production costs, shipbuilders are often not willing adopters of emerging technologies. But at Nautic, there is broad recognition of the benefits for both the shipyard and its clients of utilising the experience gained in other high-tech industries and implementing value-adding technologies wherever appropriate.

The key drivers of innovation at Nautic are the need for:

  • Increased efficiency in marine transportation
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
  • Increased safety and reduced environmental risk
  • Increased speed and reduced transit times
  • Improved habitability at a greater speed in increasingly extreme conditions
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Faster in-port turnaround times
  • Lower manufacturing costs and improved recyclability
  • Green ship technologies

"This is no ordinary company. We have an unparalleled passion for our products.”

James Fisher - Chairman & Group CEO