Crew & Patrol Vessel

The 17m SENTINEL Patrol Vessel is a proven, high-speed aluminium hull craft, built to excel in coastal and inshore patrol and security roles. With sleeping quarters for six crew, sanitary, pantry and mess areas, this vessel is capable of multi-day patrol duties.

Twin inboard diesel engines waterjets or surface piercing propellers, provide speeds of up to 45 knots and range of up to 450nm at 24 knots. Ballistic protection, weapons systems, 360-degree line of sight and high manoeuvrability allows this vessel to excel in environments.

17M SENTINEL enquiry

  • Particulars
    Hull / Superstructure Aluminium
    Length (LOA) 18.5 m
    Beam (BOA) 4.5 m
    Draft 0.95 m (max)
    Displacement (Max) 26 T
    Classification Bureau Veritas
  • Performance
    Max Speed 30 knots
    Cruise Speed 24 knots
    Range 450 nm @ 24 knots
  • Propulsion
    Engines 2 x Volvo D13-800
    Propulsion 2 x 597 kW
    Power 2 x DOEN DJ170 Waterjets
  • Capacities
    Fuel 3 500 L
    Fresh Water 500 L
    Waste Water 500 L
    Compliment 6 Crew
  • Electrical
    Power Supply 230 VAC, 24 VDC
    Genset 1 x 15 kVA
    Air Conditioning Roof Mounted Units
  • Navigation & Communication
    GDMSS - A2 (partial package)
    X-Band Radar
    * Specifications subject to change