Fast Attack Craft

The 18m DEFENDER Fast Attack Craft is a powerful, multi-role vessel used by military teams for special operations and rapid personnel deployment. Twin high-powered engines and waterjets propel the vessel to speeds of up to 47 knots, for rapid interception. The wheelhouse seats five crew, and an additional 12 security personnel are seated below. The aluminium hull construction come with optional ballistic protection.

A shallow hull draft and bow disembarkation ramp allows for shore landings and river patrols. Various weapons systems, early warning systems, mission communication and navigation systems can be added to the vessel to perform specialised military tasks.


18M DEFENDER enquiry

  • Particulars
    Hull / Superstructure Aluminium
    Wheelhouse Aluminium
    Length (LOA) 18 m
    Beam (BOA) 4.5 m
    Draft 0.95 m (max)
    Displacement (Max) 26 T (Full Load)
    Classification Bureau Veritas
  • Performance
    Max Speed 30 knots
    Cruise Speed 24 knots
    Range 400 nm @ 30 knots
  • Propulsion
    Engines 2 x Volvo D13-800
    Power 2 x 597 kW
    Jets 2 x DOENDJ170 Waterjets
  • Capacities
    Fuel 3 500 L
    Compliment 3 Crew + 10 Passengers
    Fresh Water 500 L
    Waste Water 500 L
  • Electrical
    Power Supply 220 VAC, 24 VDC
    Genset 2 x 15 kVA
    Air Conditioning Roof Self-Contained System
  • Navigation & Communication
    G MDSS - A2 (partial package)
    X-Band Radar 6 kW
    MF/HF D SC
    Dual Band FM
  • Optional Extras
    Ballistic Protection
    Wheelhouse STANAG I
    * Specifications subject to change