Patrol Vessel

The 22m DEFENDER patrol vessel features a high-speed, planing aluminium mono-hull craft. With speeds up to 40 knots and a range of 400nm, this vessel can be deployed to perform marine search-and-rescue, maritime safety, surveillance, law enforcement and interdiction missions. Seating is provided for four crew and up to 20 transfer personnel. With an endurance of up to 10 days, the 22m DEFENDER is well suited to coastal and inshore patrol duty.

A 4.8m FIC daughter craft is launched by stern ramp to extend mission capability. Various weapons systems, early warning systems, communication and navigation systems can be added to the vessel to perform specialised patrol and security tasks.

22M DEFENDER enquiry

  • Particulars
    Hull Aluminium
    Wheelhouse Aluminium
    Length 22 m
    Beam 5.2 m
    Displacement (Max) 48 tons
    Draft 1.2 m
    Classification Bureau Veritas
  • Performance
    Max Speed 50 knots
    Cruise Speed 32 knots
    Range 400 nm @ 32 knots
  • Propulsion
    Engines 2 x MTU 16V20000 M93
    Propulsion Surface Piercing Propellers
    Power 2 x 1790 kW
  • Capacities
    Fuel 4 500 L
    Fresh Water 1 000 L
    Waste Water 500 L
    Compliment 4 Crew & 20 Troops
  • Electrical
    Power Supply 1 x 64 kVA 1/220/50
    Air Conditioning Stowaway System
  • Navigation & Communication
    GMDSS - A2 (partial package)
  • Optional Extras
    Ballistic Protection
    Weapons System
    5m Fast Interceptor Craft
    * Specifications subject to change