Patrol Vessel

The 42m FRONTIER Fast Inshore Patrol Vessel is designed for use by navies, coast guard agencies and other maritime authorities. The 42 m FRONTIER IPV is able to perform typical missions such as maritime patrol, search-and-rescue and protection of economic waters.  Offering designs for various speed requirements, these IPVs can quickly respond to various challenges through high performance and excellent seakeeping characteristics.  The basic design can be easily adapted to suit littoral or confined and shallow waters environments and handle specific challenges, such as rapid interception of smugglers, pirates or rogue fishing vessels. The vessel can be fitted with weapons and systems in line with its mission profile.

The vessel is powered by three diesel driven waterjets and is fitted with two bow thrusters. A range of 1500nm can be achieved at a cruise speed of 21 knots with an impressive 32 knots max speed. For rapid RHIB deploy an aft launch has bene integrated to help perform specialized swift tasks.

42M FRONTIER enquiry

  • Particulars
    Hull / Superstructure Aluminium
    Wheelhouse Composite
    Length (LOA) 42 m
    Beam (BOA) (excl. fenders) 8.2 m
    Draft 2 m (max)
    Displacement 265 tons (full load)
    Classification Bureau Veritas
  • Performance
    Max Speed 32 knots
    Cruise Speed 21 knots
    Range 1500 nm @ 30 knots
  • Propulsion
    Engine 3 x MTU 16V 2000 M94
    Propulsion 3 x DOEN Jets
    Bow Thursters 2 x 60 kW
  • Capacities
    Fuel Oil 70 000 L
    Fresh Water 20 000 L
    Compliment Customizable (max 26 berths)
  • Electrical
    Power Supply 400 VAC, 230 VAC, 24 VDC
    Genset 2 x CAT C7.1 188 kVA (or equal)
    Air Conditioning Ducted chilled water system
  • Navigation & Communication
    GMDSS - A2 Compliant
    S-Band Radar, X-Band Radar
  • Optional Extras
    Fire Fighting Fifi Class 1
    Station Keeping Dynamic Positioning (DP2)
    Hybrid Propulsion Diesel Engines & Electric Motors
    Ballistic Protection Wheelhouse STANAG Level II & Deckhouse STANAG Level I
    * Specifications subject to change